Vanas Engineering & Touchpoint inc.

TouchPoint, Inc. acquires VANAS ENGINEERING  nv

We are  pleased to announce effective today, TouchPoint, Inc., the parent company of Supply Point Systems, Ltd., has completed the acquisition of VANAS ENGINEERING nv/sa.

Touchpoint already acquired VANAS MEDICAL in April 2016.  The collaboration has since then been so good that both parties wanted to intensify their collaboration.  

SUPPLY POINT inc.  is a leader in the development and production of intelligent vending solutions, serving a variety of industries including Healthcare, Automotive, Industrial Machinery and Aerospace.
Vanas Engineering is a long standing customer of SPS’s vending cabinets and equipment, which we have run on our own proprietary software package as an Original Equipment Manufacturer.
Supply Point and Vanas Engineering will immediately begin to intensify their collaboration for the growing vending machine market.

MODULA inc, Vanas Engineering’s  supplier of VERTICAL LIFT machines is fully supporting this merger.

VANAS ENGINEERING will continue to be managed as a stand-alone business.  

Your contact persons will remain the same!  There will be no change in the way you currently do business and Melsele will remain the seat of the company.


We thank you for your continued support and business.

With kind regards,

Eric Van Assche
Vanas Engineering  

Andy Van Mieghem
 Managing Director  
Vanas Engineering     


Haal maximaal voordeel uit uw opslagsysteem met onze op maat gemaakte software

Haal maximaal voordeel uit uw opslagsysteem met onze op maat gemaakte software

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